There is nothing new under the sun.
Me plus man, makes “one”.
Soul tied without His say;
exchanging pieces of my soul, for meaningless love play!

The only way out seems to start all over again;
erasing every event, every memory, wiping clean every emotional stain.
My heart strains!
Not only that, but I too have a piece of them;
Weighing me down like a stolen gem.
Of much value but of no benefit to me –
Above all, bought at a price, an irrevocable fee!

So the two became…with the WRONG one;
pieced together like a lace undone.
Warned of the consequences but now I see for myself,
burdened with these soul ties, and the expense, my spiritual wealth!
A violated temple, I’ve grieved my spirit of God.
A work unfinished, unsatisfied with my present lot.
God’s will I forgot.
Wanting things prematurely,
sabotaging my destined spot.

Children of God, listen.
Children of God, obey.
Take heed and protect your souls…
…Don’t become your own prey.
There is already one that seeks to devour you,
So be sure to hold fast and stay true!

I’m a soul tie in the hearts of man,
but now I seek God’s plan.
There is hope for those who live in Christ;
whose souls have been mistakenly tied.
In Him our souls are rectified;
detached, made pure, made right.

Before maturing I gave myself away;
before I really understood, I indulged in meaningless love play.
Now my soul cries everyday.
It cries out for the parts of me I exchanged without His say.

Patience is a shield of trust,
the armour against a lie.
Those who live by it will stand secure and protected;
escaping the “irrevocable soul tie”.

A destined soul tie, perhaps, lasts forever.
Because what God wills, will remain together.

Take hold of your soul, surrender it to Him;
Avoid another soul tie, flee another fling.
Confess and shine from within…
Set yourself free from the deceitfulness of sin.

Soul tied, too soon,
it’s an addictive pattern destined to doom.
An insecure path of impatience and disobedience I trod,
left estranged and separated from God.
These commands we feel hold us back;
This wisdom we feel hinders us from living free…
In the end;
These are the things that will allow us to exceed.
After all, you were bought at a price.
A price no man could ever afford.
Tying your soul too soon is merely putting your soul to a sword.
We are worth more than meaningless love play.
So let your love mean something;
something greater than a premature exchange.
So that maybe one day the gem you exchange and the gem you carry in return,
will not hold you to ransom, but bring you endless joy.

(Written 2003)

2 thoughts on “Soul Tied, Too Soon

  1. Thanks Rashonye. Ya know it’s funny because this piece is 10 years old and I’ve actually gone full circle of its content, several times :/

    But the fact of this matter remains the same, when we take things on prematurely, we end up paying a very high price to undo them. As I always say, “hold fast, stay true” xxx


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