When Your Best Days……

When your best days seem to be behind you…
When only responsibility seems to keep you going through…
When you know in your heart that the desire to be responsible will descend!
When all around you seems to be a dead end!
When your search is far more than to merely survive.
When breathing needs a new meaning, to transcend being alive;
because breathing is no longer easy,
and your eyes are no longer seeing what they should be.
When you can no longer pretend…
When you have no more energy to put on this show;
When your heart bleeds, when your soul contends,
because you are so close to letting go!
Nobody would ever know…
…that life has become a question!
But because you do not have the heart to take life,
because in fact you would really prefer to live and strive
You hold on…
You hope, s
Surely there is another way…
Surely there is a God who hears you, who sees your pain…

But when life seems to have no greater meaning than the pain you feel;
than the joy you feel you have to steal;
than the smile you wear that is anything but real;
than the hurt you wish would heal…
Your fingers seem to lift,
painfully you lose your grip!
The weight you carry seems to pull harder,
The vision you have becomes fainter,
The tears you cry seem many,
but somehow disconnected from the eyes that carry them!
Oh my…
Who am I?
If I hold on, I will never know!

…But if I let go…

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