About Catrina Sophia….

I wear no titles.
I assign myself no labels.
My passion for words, the gift of being able to translate, articulate, describe a thousand emotions, carries its own description of perfection. Uncategorized in my skill, I freely express my word, my truth.

Introducing myself, I go by the name of Catrina Sophia.  And I appreciate the time you have taken to stop by. It’s a pleasure to have you.

You should know that life is the spring-board to every piece I produce.  As I continue to plough what has been set within me,  I can only imagine what this harvest will become.

For me, the beauty of life often lies in the words I find to articulate it….those moments where what my eyes have seen and what my mind has caressed, becomes birthed through words.

I believe that the sadness of painful experiences only remain sad and painful for as long as they are left unspoken, unexpressed, unreleased, un-birthed…

People often say that actions speak louder than words and that can be very true. Silence can speak a million words all by itself – but sometimes, the truth can go unnoticed in silent action. Silence has its own frequency.  I myself spent many years being choked by silence.  Nobody would have known!  My voice was lost. Depleted. Weakened by situations outside of my control.   I grow to accept and give thanks for these sequences of events for two key reasons:

1. Those who do not know their own voice cannot nurture the voice of another

2. My gift was nurtured whilst I had no voice – still, there was an internal word that saved me.

I’ve found that real connections, those potent encounters, interactions, experiences, are sometimes best found and felt when silence is broken.  There is a time for silence and there is a time to speak!!

Givinbirth2word is an entity inspired by my past, present and future.  The future remains bright as long as I am able and free enough within myself to write.  It’s easy to pick up a pen, grab a piece of paper, but to ask your mind and your soul to connect for a fusion of clarity is an event much more difficult to master.

Givinbirth2word is proof that life lives in expression; that healing lies in exploration of soul through a language of hope; what the eyes see is only truly birthed when words meet them.  And so, I dare you to speak……Because somehow, there is life in it….

Words are like the light shining in on a dark tunnel; like the rise that tells the earth to awake; like the fall that tells the world to sleep; the difference between chains and freedom; between the cry of a woman giving birth and joy of a woman giving birth.  The experience can be extremely painful, but in the end, it is worth the creation it produces…

So, I dare you to speak….I dare you to join me….x

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